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Thank you for your interest in registering with Oberon Freight.  We look forward to working with you. 

Send an email to info@OberonFreight.com and include the following
  • Company Name
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • DOT #

Carriers Trust Oberon Freight

At Oberon Freight, we value our Carriers and provide competitive Quick Pay programs. 

Let us help navigate the many moving parts of being a freight carrier.  Get the Service and Protection you deserve. 

We have freight all over the country and look forward to bringing shippers to our carriers to ensure cargo is safely moved to its intended destination. 


  • Standard payment in 28 days, with multiple Quick Payment Options.
  • The latest technology that can trace and track shipments.
  • Performance that can tackle any issue if one arrives. 
  • Large volume of Businesses to work with
  • $75,000 Broker Bond
  • And EVERYTHING else you would expect from a Top Broker.

Contact us with any additional questions about hauling for Oberon Freight.

Review the Terms of Conditions which apply to each load Oberon Freight arranges to transport.